A young woman's search for inspiration from women redefining their lives - when ordinary is no longer an option.

One Red Lipstick is a new feature-length documentary & companion book that exposes the truth about becoming successful even when you feel like it will never happen for you. 

More and more women are embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, and we are good at it, but it is all too easy to get discouraged as we encounter road blocks to our success. So often we get in our own way of realizing the success we deserve.

To help women overcome their fears and insecurity, we are producing a film and publishing a companion book, plus the website which will be jam-packed with inspiring stories, practical tools and information, so they feel less isolated in their entrepreneurial pursuits and are empowered to not only stay the course, but exceed their goals.

We all need role models, women who have gone before us, and yes, faced their share of struggles, but have forged on to achieve and realize their dreams. This documentary, book and website will show the reality of becoming an "overnight success".  We don’t want the achievement to be sugar coated, because we all know it rarely happens that way. We want the book to be real, honest, authentic and most of all, inspiring.

We have researched and brainstormed about women who are trailblazers - who have truly stepped boldly into their lives to grow a successful business.

To learn more, go to www.oneredlipstick.com