The project

As the founder of Company of Women, I am always hearing from women about their dreams for the future.

The whole idea of this project arose out of a discussion I had with a group of dynamic businesswomen who after sketching out their ten-year plan, felt they wouldn’t achieve their goals, because they “weren’t good enough and didn’t deserve to be successful.”

I was shocked.  Their lack of confidence shook me and belied the outward exterior they presented to the world of women who had their act together.  In reading further and talking more with friends and colleges, it would almost seem this is the norm.

And so together with Amy Hunter, we are working together to explore this complex issue.  We want to hear the stories from other women, to hear about their feelings of self-doubt and to dig deep and find out why, what are the triggers that can cause us to feel inadequate? But most important of all, we also want to find some effective strategies to change this “not good enough” mindset and create a new way of looking at our lives, ourselves and our definition of success.

Jonathan Fields recently said that “mindset is the heartbeat of success.” How true.  Our goal is to bust open the idea of not enough and develop strategies to shift that mindset so you are focused on a path to fulfill your potential.

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