One Red Lipstick

It’s here!  The long-awaited One Red Lipstick is coming out February 24, after a book launch at the Verity Club.  You are welcome to join us – just register for the One Red Lipstick Live event.

Meantime, be sure to order your copy.  If you are a regular at one of our events, we can ship the book so you can pick it up there, or we can ship directly to your home.

What’s all the buzz about?  One Red Lipstick is a book and documentary about how women, regardless of what is happening in their lives, put on their lipstick and carry on.

In the book, twenty-four women from across North America share their story.  While their challenges vary, their message remains the same – dust yourself off, focus and live your life.  

The book is $20.00 + GST + shipping.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to World Teacher Aid.

Here’s what others are saying about the book:

“What a great read! One Red Lipstick is a book that makes you forget about excuses and fears, and inspires youto go for it.  Dragons’ Den thrives on these kinds of pulled-up-from-the-bootstraps stories, and I hope the book will inspire lots of women to take on the challenge and fulfillment entrepreneurship.”

Dianne Buckner, Host, CBC Television’s Dragons Den

"Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.  And these inspiring stories and real-life tips will be oxygen to your soul and business.  Each chapter shares triumphs and trials including what it took to overcome bankruptcy, starting from scratch in midlife, illness in the family, and personnel challenges.  Read it and reap." 

Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu! and Got Your Attention?

Finally a book that tells real stories of entrepreneurial life.  I felt profoundly connected to these women, suddenly I was no longer alone. To know there are other women courageously taking on the risks and challenges of their own businesses is encouraging and exhilarating.

Jennie Ormson, social worker