The Muse Mantra Deck 


by Jules Dolly

The deck is made up of 60 Muse Mantra Cards, from original artwork created with pencils, markers and pens, Jules infuses Reiki symbols into every image; symbols for emotional well being, healing past hurts and balancing present issues. Each Muse Mantra is of a woman from around the world along her mantra. My healing art guides and supports women to heal the way they see themselves, finding their Inner Muse, their creativity and their whispers.

They can be used in meditation spaces, as affirmation cards, for journal prompts, in vision books and altars.

This original set of Muse Mantras can be used in daily life to create calm & find clarity. Included with the pack are 3 instruction cards: ‘how to use the cards, a five card spread and how to care for your cards.’

$20.00 + TAX + shipping.