Coaches Corner

Welcome to Coaches Corner, a special benefit for members of Company of Women.

Our team of coaches, all members of Company of Women, have generously volunteered to provide 45 minutes of pro-bono coaching to members. 

How does it work?  Below you will see the list of coaches.  Check out which coach best suits your needs, and contact her direct to arrange a mutually convenient time to connect.

If you have any questions about Coaches Corner, please contact Amy Hunter who co-ordinates the service.


Irina Benedict

Working with entrepreneurs who feel slowed down in achieving their vision, helping them release self-sabotaging patterns due to past traumas, criticism or feelings of unworthiness. As a result they THRIVE in Business while fulfilling their purpose.
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Dean Burgess

Coaching and mentoring small business owners, executives and teams on busting out of status quo, eradicating barriers to possibility and greatness, enabling awareness for clients to be the author of their life.  Inspiring clients to see and work from “what is” facilitates intentional shifts to what is possible

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Amy Hunter

Executive, entrepreneur and leadership coaching, area of focus women, personal and professional development
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Odette Laurie

Mindset/marketing/Money for entrepreneurs who want to want to build a wildly successful 6 figure + business.
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Angeline Navarra

Coaching and mentoring clients to awaken and ignite a wildly satisfying  and enriching relationship to self, each other and the wisdom that surrounds us.  A strong stand for women connecting to their unique impact on the world and creating significantly from that foundation.  WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE: Heart-centered, courageous transformation is always best done with a comrade in arms. I consider  it an honour to join you in your Journey to Be More!
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Cecile Peterkin

Career & Leadership coaching for Mid-Managers & Mid-Level Professionals
Training trough Mentor Development
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Carol Schulte

Women empowerment
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Louise Veres

Leadership development coaching and training for individuals and teams who want to create a positive organizational culture, increase leadership effectiveness, productivity and bottom line results. Personal development as well as professional development are weaved together with a focus on self awareness and accountability.
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