New Offers

Tammy Robinson

TLR Publishing

Tammy is willing to pay the shipping for Company of Women customers. You can email Tammy at Tammy@TLRPublishing. com or go to the website to purchase. When purchasing on the website, click the drop down menu and choose the "Pick Up"...

Deborah Keeble

Edible Promotions

Frequent Favour Program offers two options:Spend $60 each month for six months receive 10% DISCOUNTSpend $90 each month for six months receive 15% DISCOUNT

Jayne Osborn

Definition Financial

Initial "get to know you coffee" is on me. If you want to pursue an in-depth analysis of your current situation, including your business, I will offer members of the Company of Women 50% off my usual fee of $750. If you are referred to...

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek and Associates

New to Company of Women? I offer a 1 hour complimentary conversation for all new members, email me to set up a date and time to talk. Current member (not so new)-I extend a reduced rate for 3 and 6 month coaching programs to all Company...

deborah hatanaka

Why Age?

ANTI-OXIDANT SCAN: Are you interested in ANTI-AGING and OPTIMAL HEALTH? There is a constant battle going on between free radicals and anti-oxidants in your body on a cellular level.....How well are you doing? Receive your personal...

Elaine Slatter

XL Consulting Group

For Company of Women members, I have a complimentary 45 minute coaching session via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Danielle Joworski

Author | Life & Executive Coach | Learning Catalyst

Save 50% on coaching packages. See for package details.

Crystal-Marie Sealy


Welcome, Ladies, to a safe space to Be. Not judged, commanded or 'pushed'. Just awakened, heard and empowered. Usually on a 3-months retainer only, CoW members can book 1-off sessions. Where do you need the most support: Services Pricing...

Susan Flanagan


To all Company of Women Members...... I will offer unlimited Mortgage Advice and credit counselling at anytime and I will give you a $250 visa card, when I complete a mortgage for you. I LOVE and appreciate referrals..... So for every...

Joni Lien


Company of Women Members can Save $20.00 on SupperWorks Sessions or Pick-Up Orders of 6, 9, or 12 entrees! Book on-line at Select your nearest location. Enter code COMPANY. (Cannot be combined with any other offer or...