Letter from the Founder

Do you own your own business?
Are you a would-be entrepreneur?

You're part of a growing trend.   

Yet, while it is exciting, it can be isolating and scary running your own show, making you question yourself, your sanity and why you ever thought you could pull this off.

Most of us feel that way at one stage or another in growing our businesses. 

How do we know?  Because we’ve been there.   You’re not alone.

Think of Company of Women as your cheerleading team, behind you all the way, connecting you to people you need to meet and providing learning opportunities so you have the information and tools to move forward.

That’s why Company of Women is so much more than just a networking group.  We’re a community of women who will support, connect and promote you – both professionally and personally.

When you need a dose of inspiration or a confidence boost, our speakers and group leaders are there to keep you motivated and on track.  And through sharing our stories and collective wisdom, we learn from and support each other.

Company of Women gives you an opportunity to be bold, be brave and belong.  Join us and be part of a community that cares.

Check us out.  With over 300 members, we are a vital women’s business organization.


Anne Day, Founder of Company of Women

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“Company of Women is the most powerful group of women that I have ever been associated with.  Having been in business for over 20 years, I have attended many, many networking events and groups, and Company of Women is the first one that I find to be truly beneficial to myself and my business.”

 Jean Price, Clews for Self Discovery