Commercial Insurance

“The fastest growing segments of small to medium businesses are women-owned firms”

We protect your business and its stakeholders with specialized products and solutions that recognize the unique needs of your enterprise. National Brokers Insurance helps businesses develop innovative insurance strategies to create and promote a strong, stable and pro!table business. We go the extra distance by helping you identify and lessen the potential impact of specific risks and losses that could seriously harm your business, its employees and customers. We have establised an o"ce of Client Advocacy to assist and empower our clients related to understanding the legalese of insurance or understanding of claims. Call our o"ce for a no-obligation quotation through our “Inspirational Women in Business” insurance program.

Group Home & Automobile Insurance

“Group buying power - the power of numbers”

As a woman entrepreneur, you are entitled to receive discounts up to 60% on your home and automobile insurance through our program called “Inspirational Lifestyles”. One phone call could save hundreds of dollars... call today!

Consider leveraging the group buying power for employees of your business with a custom-tailored, branded plan that saves significant dollars when they insure property and vehicles. The buying power of numbers in the group allows for discounts not otherwise offered in the regular marketplace.

(As a member of Company of Women - you are entitled to the bene!ts of the Inspirational Lifestyles Program)

Specialty Insurance

“Helping employees help your business”

From second medical opinions, to travel insurance and group benefits we specialize in designing unique insurance options that protect you, employees and their families. Our team stands ready to assist you.

Monarch Medical Second-Opinion Coverage

Through Monarch Intermediaries Inc., National Brokers Insurance has launched Canada’s first brokerage-based program providing employees of businesses and customers of !nancial institutions quick and easy access to second medical opinion reports from the renowned WorldCare Consortium™ of medical professionals and top academic healthcare institutions. Employers and associations can now access second medical opinion reports as a standalone product for their employees or members. Best of all, Monarch’s Second Medical Opinion E-consultation service does not exclude coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions or illnesses and does not require additional doctor visits or travel.

Comprehensive Risk Management

The risks to your business, its employees and your customers can be many and varied, ranging from supply line interruption toproduct liability. National Brokers Insurance invests signi!cant time and resources in understanding what is unique about your organization and takes a pro-active approach to proposing insurance solutions. Risk management is about ensuring your organization understands the potential hazards to which it is exposed, and develops a strategy to prevent losses or mitigate their impact when they occur. While a risk management plan cannot eliminate all risks, it can reduce your insurance costs, prevent harm to others and protect your brand.

At National Brokers Insurance, we not only help identify risks - we can also custom design a cost-effective insurance program that draws from a variety of insurers with different strengths and product offerings. This approach can help create a unique plan that fits your budget and the unique risks you face.


Superior Claims Service

You learn the true value of your insurance policy when a claim arises. At National Brokers Insurance, our professional and pro-active claims advocacy team helps you navigate the process with your insurance company. Clients often need advice, understanding and even advocacy from their broker when reporting a claim. In all cases, especially in emergency situations, we offer 24-hour claims reporting and can provide help to mitigate your potential loss.

From established multi-national corporations to start-ups, National Brokers Insurance Services Inc. specializes in providing insurance solutions for organizations and individuals with commercial, personal, group and specialty insurance needs. National Brokers Insurance is pleased to announce an insurance program geared to women in business - “Inspirational Women Insurance Program”. We are proudly 100% women owned and operated.

Supplier Diversity Matters

Making a commitment to Supplier Diversity creates opportunity and supports minority-owned businesses. When you partner with National Brokers, a certified women-owned business, our service offerings will help your organization meet minority business contract requirements established by your customers, as well as local, provincial/state and federal agencies. We’re committed to creating winning partnerships to help your business meet its Supplier Diversity goals.

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