The Courage to Succeed

The Courage to Succeed
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Thirty-six women from widely diverse backgrounds take a personal and professional leap of faith into the centre of their own lives. Although the visions vary and motivations differ, each finds the courage to follow a dream, each weaves passion and purpose into her everyday life, and each plants the seeds to grow a successful business.

Here, business is about making life work. Here, success has 36 different faces. And here, you will find inspiration to pursue your passions and make your own dreams become reality.

Company of Women produced this book in partnership with publisher, Trimatrix Consulting



What People are saying about Courage to Succeed …

I just wanted to share with you how much I have enjoyed reading The Courage to Succeed. Each story was truly inspirational and empowering. The journeys are all different but the message I gathered is that all of these women at some point made difficult choices to stand up, stand out and move forward. Bravo to them all … and to you and the team that helped pull this together. The picture on the cover is absolutely beautiful and truly captures the spirit of the book.

Sandra Downey


What an incredible book!  I am reading it slowly and getting to know each and every woman in the book.

Alison King


Anne, you are brilliant. You have done it again, first the Company of Women and now this book.  I, obviously, am very inspired by this book!  It is another form of networking but it is being done through this book.   I know a lot of these ladies but did not know what they had gone through in their lives. Now that I know, I want to talk to them about what they have gone through.

Caren Walker