Great Discounts with STAPLES Advantage

Company of Women and STAPLES Advantage are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership designed to give all Company of Women members the buying power of a million dollar company!!!

Just by being a member of Company of Women, You will receive large discounts for all your office products, computer supplies, facilities, print, furniture and promotional merchandising needs through STAPLES Advantage.

Many businesses already purchase from Staples the retail store, if you choose to enroll, this will be a small shift that will increase everyone’s purchasing power and provide some additional cost savings.

It is important to note that Staples Advantage is a separate business entity from Staples the retail store.  As such their on-line purchasing website, catalogue, flyers, and sales items will be different from the retail establishment.  While the product mix is generally the same – there are some differences.

To enroll,  reach out directly to our Inside Account Manager Brittany Greenwood to help you with the set-up process. Please contact her at:
T - 905-696-4420
T- 1.800.867.4876 Ext. 4420
F - 905-696-4266
Email –

Benefits of Selecting Staples Advantage to source your office needs:

  • Staples Advantage is customizing pricing based on purchase volume.  They will review on a regular bases ‘core’ items purchased and favorably adjust pricing
  • All Company of Women members are considered one buying group – the more members that sign up and use this supplier the more savings you will all share

Other benefits include:

o    Fast Internet ordering through
o    Next-day delivery on thousands of items
o    Toll-free Customer Care support at 1.877.272.2121
o    Efficient billing and reporting tools
o    Dedicated inside Account Manager for all stores

It is important to note that Staples Advantage is a separate business entity from Staples the retail store.  There are some differences to be aware of:

•    The website for on-line purchasing is different
•    The product mix is generally the same – but there are differences.  The purchasing ‘catalogue’ is different
•    The monthly sales flyers are different
•     Any coupons that you may have accumulated cannot be honoured using Staples Advantage.  Staples Advantage does not issue coupons – however their pricing makes up for this difference
•    Billing is different – an application must be submitted to the vendor.  Any Staples credit cards that you may already have are not valid
•    Staples rewards card cannot be used with Staples Advantage
•    30 day terms for billing
•    Free next day delivery on all orders over $50.00.  Orders less than $50.00 will be charged $5.00

On our first order with STAPLES Advantage we saved over $120. On our second order once again we were blown away as we were able to save over $85. 

Megan Barnes, VP Operations
Company of Women