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Patricia Pinkney

Patricia Pinkney

Travel. Shopping. Jewellry. Sounds like a dream combination, and for Patricia Pinkney it is a dream come true.

Even when Patricia was in high school, she wanted to go to Paris and years later she did. For two years she lived and worked in Paris, working with an international business through which she visited over 30 countries, always fascinated by the cultures and people she met.

Reaching what she felt was the height of her corporate career, and missing her husband who remained in Canada, Patricia felt it was time to come home. Combining her travel experiences with a passion for beautiful jewellery and accessories, she launched a new e-commerce business –

On her website she highlights distinctive, handcrafted fashion pieces from around the world. It’s designed like a virtual vacation: the collection, divided by region, includes an exploration of the origin of the piece, the artisans who crafted it and the story behind its creation. And the price is right, the jewellry is attractive and affordable.

Like many corporate refugees, there’s been some surprises for Patricia. “I have always been a bit of a workaholic, okay, so a hard core workaholic. So I thought I was completely prepared for the amount of work involved in launching my business. It is easy however when you work from home, to roll out of bed in the morning, start working and finish in time to get back into bed.”

And then there’s the resources - human and financial – that you take for granted when you work for someone else. “I’ve had to be creative and conservative with spending, and so everything has taken longer than I expected.”

But what hasn’t surprised her is how rewarding it is, despite the challenges, or maybe as a result of them. “You have to be prepared for the roller coaster ride” advises Patricia “and surround yourself with good people with a variety of skill sets and personalities to draw on when you need them.”

Ultimately, Patricia would like to work with women in developing countries in person. “I’d like to assist these women in achieving their goals” she shares “I can only imagine how enriching it would be to exchange experiences and knowledge with women around the world.”