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Earn more. Work less. Serve better clients, better. Speaker & Strategy Consultant to Executives & Entrepreneurs - service Pricing, sustainable Schedules and Client social media community. Welcome to your safe space.

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Welcome, Ladies, to a safe space to Be. Not judged, commanded or 'pushed'. Just awakened, heard and empowered.
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On a path of self-discovery, releasing fear and honouring self care, to step out in love, so love overflows to those I meet. Shifting gears, from living in my head always, to living out loud sometimes. | "Do it afraid" -- Joyce Meyer. | Speaker: "The Disruption of Authenticity" Blog:


Earn more, work less, serve better clients, better. Speaker & Business strategy consultant to Executives, Entrepreneurial organizations, established Entrepreneurs and introverts - service pricing, sustainable schedules and client social media community. Does your business cover your business and lifestyle needs? What are your best packages? Who values and invests in you? Are clients your followers on social media? Does your schedule really work for you? Let’s ensure that both you and your business thrive. E.A.S.Y. Strategy - Effective, Actionable, Simple, Yours - empowers you to focus on the right clients, on a schedule that works for You in the long-term. A warm welcome from Crystal-Marie Sealy. MBA, president and founder of Successiory ( a strategy consulting firm, my career began in 2001, spanning consulting in strategy, social media, environment, government and more. Let's chat. I have consulting and social media options. As a speaker, "these are my three (3) signature talks". They focus on pricing higher, client social media and authenticity anywhere (this is motivational). For other talks and workshops, Click Here | e-News | Blog | DIY Resources


Looking for more long-term relationships, with peers and clients, rooted in trust rather than skepticism; in joy and "let's do this" rather than "I paid my dues, you pay yours too". The women I've met here are just that, so I'm excited to meet more of you. ♡ Connect where you are! I'm on Twitter (@Successiory), LinkedIn company: Successiory, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and, for fun, Houzz and Pinterest.