15 Reasons To Choose A Blog Over A Social Media Platform

by: Wendy Marlow

Why invest in a blog for your small business website when you can publish "free" on social media channels? Aside from the generational aspect (Baby Boomers don't want to be as connected as younger generations), being pressured by colleagues, and spending more time "socializing" than generating revenue, here are another 15 reasons:

  1. You own your content.
  2. You control what happens to your content.  It will never disappear or be reorganized as in the case of LinkedIn Company pages.
  3. You won't constantly be asked to upgrade, buy advertising, or upload your contacts.
  4. Your information and your contacts' information will never be shared or sold.
  5. You and your readers won't have to look at annoying ads.
  6. You're a smaller target for hacking than Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. Read the CNN Money article.
  7. Your blog complements/communicates your brand in terms of look and feel (not a vanilla Facebook page).
  8. Your blog is part of your website. That means your product/service menu is visible and readers are able to browse other pages with one click.
  9. Publishing a blog helps with search engine ranking, because you're adding new content.
  10. Your blog has a chronological record of all your posts and reader comments.
  11. You can organize your blog posts into specific categories.
  12. You can integrate an email marketing program with your blog and (a) push the information out to email subscribers.  
  13. You can add title tags, descriptions, and keywords to your blog for search engine optimization.
  14. Your email signature can include a subscribe to blog option that opens a form with one click.
  15. You won't have to remember complicated urls, log-in processes, or which social media platform to sign-in under.  
There is more to social media than meets the eye. While you may not be paying an invoice, you are certainly paying a price.

Wendy Marlow has been providing focus and direction for small businesses through her company, The Art of Marketing since 1999. In her marketing & sales consulting practice, the focus is on the unique needs of small business owners. Wendy’s passion is working with clients to create results-oriented marketing plans and business growth strategies; confidence and results at all levels using the consultative selling model; promotion ideas that are simple and cost-effective to implement; problem-solving solutions that work!